They hilarious, when it comes down to cutesy subtitles become flashing red-colored inside the attitude.

They hilarious, when it comes down to cutesy subtitles become flashing red-colored inside the attitude.

Dangerous. The guy feigns ignorance in regards to the going-ons, but she so enthusiastic and enchanting about any of it, and attempts to describe that she suggesting to him. Ha.

As she speaks about waking up to each other each morning, the subtitles manage, and from their viewpoint it is innocent and lovable, yet we see that people is their phrase of doom. Hahahaha. The guy also sweating by this energy, in which he searches for his escape path.

The first thing he does? He blows out of the candles about dessert, pointing out a justification about a belly annoyed, and dashes on restroom. Hee. Jang Mi must be actually heavy though, because she funnily discusses your like damn had been in the course of a proposal, and never like she realises that he escaping.

Back in the reception, the blind time during the day is a cameo by Nam Ji Hyun (4Minute, The intimate Idol). She all docile and courteous, smiling at Gi Tae. He’s, on the other hand, rude and obnoxious, deciding to need a text talk with Hoon Dong (once the more messages him for services, ha).

Ji Hyun (shall we just contact the girl by the lady genuine label, since its merely a cameo) clears the lady neck, and Gi Tae apologises, wanting to continue the talk. Except she says that they’re not really a word in. Ha. To which the guy shows that they begin right now, all while unwrapping some gum and placing it inside the mouth area.

The guy says to the woman to inquire of everything she interested in him, and she begins with a typical question about where the guy life. The guy says Gangnam (simply speaking, Chaebol community), and he really arrogantly goes on on about their life, boasting about his house, their vehicle as well as. Ew, though we get he completely trying to get eliminate the girl.

Gi Tae and Hoon Dong include engaged in a virtual dialogue, with Gi Tae all cooler and unsympathetic to Hoon Dong problem. Likewise, Jang Mi focused on Hoon Dong (he held it’s place in the bathroom for too much time). Ji Hyun asks Gi Tae if he’s got viewed numerous pretty people (within his type of operate), along with his answer sarcastic while he states which he features seen many girl who wants to getting fairly. How genuine.

He continues with the addition of that (those women) are willing to invest tons of cash within his hospital/clinic. As an afterthought, he commends himself in order to have a residence, a motor vehicle and a medical facility.

Ji Hyun already been actually courteous and tolerating of their habits, but their final straw occurs when Gi Tae asks just what she will be able to provide your (while entering it to Hoon Dong. He actually asking them both). The guy desires Hoon Dong to give your a building, nonetheless settle mid-way, as Hoon Dong believes giving him free hire for 36 months.

At this point Ji Hyun currently crazy, as she highlights that he used their cellphone since forever. Gi Tae merely replies that he features anybody waiting for him upstairs, which he been choosing whether the guy is going right up. Since he didnt indicate whether it be a woman or guy, taken out of framework, they misleadingly sounds worst. And Ji Hyun is actually riled right up, splashing one glass of water on their face. The guy amusingly ared, for he puts down their cellphone, rips off their glasses and shuts their eyes before she can it. Ha, but she not complete but, for the present time she requires their glass , and slowly pours they down their mind. Burn. Or Pssssst.

Anyhow, he heads-up the hotel to save Hoon Dong, when the guy rings the bell, Jang Mi curiously requires Hoon Dong if the guy required room provider. Ha. She starts the doorway anyhow, and here 1st appointment of our own leads: he all drenched, she experiencing a subsequent unsuccessful suggestion.

He presents themselves as Hoon Dong buddy, and all of but struts inside area. Ha, the guy measures on balloons and tries to take-down the decorations, inquiring the spot where the restroom try. Dragging Hoon Dong , the guy primps himself inside the washroom.

Jang Mi puzzled over exactly why he showed up drenched, in which he replies (to Hoon Dong snigger) so it happens each time he continues on a blind date (describing his skills at it). Ha, the guy have all sorts of beverage built on your at least once. LOL.

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