Reports and Essays Available for Grab. Featured Posts interesting

Reports and Essays Available for Grab. Featured Posts interesting

Mother-Infant Cosleeping: Toward a brand new Scientific start, by James J. McKenna and Sarah Mosko. Ch. 16 in fast Infant passing problem: Puzzles, trouble and possibility. R. Byard and H. Krous, eds. London: Arnold Editors, 2001.

  • Cosleeping (Bedsharing) among Infants and Toddlers, by M. Stein, C. Caloruso, J. McKenna and N. Wight. Pediatrics, April 2001.
  • In Security of Maya’s Mother, by James J. McKenna. Modern Pediatrics, 16:7 (Summer) 116-117. 2000.
  • Rest Location and Suffocation: How Great May Be The Research? by James J. McKenna and Lawrence M. Gartner. Emails on the Editor in Pediatrics 105 (4):917-919. 2000.
  • Cultural Influences on toddler and Childhood Sleep Biology as well as the Science that Studies It: Toward an even more comprehensive Paradigm, by James J. McKenna. Sleep and inhaling: Young children and Pediatrics. J. Laughlin, C. Marcos and J. Carroll, eds. Marcel-Dekker Editors. 2000.
  • Breast-feeding and Mother-Infant Cosleeping in terms of SIDS Prevention, by James McKenna, Sarah Mosko and Christopher Richard. Ch. 3 in Evolutionary Drug. W. Trevathan, E.O. Smith and J. McKenna, eds. Nyc: Oxford Institution Newspapers, 1999.
  • Apnea and Periodic sucking in Bed-Sharing and Solitary resting newborns, by Christopher Richard, Sarah Mosko and James J. McKenna. Diary of practiced Psychology 84(4): 1374-1380. 1998.
  • Maternal rest and Arousals During Bedsharing with babies, by Sarah Mosko, Christopher Richard and James McKenna. Rest 201(2): 142-150. 1997.
  • Infant Arousals During Mother-Infant sleep posting: effects for Toddler rest and SIDS Studies, by Sarah Mosko, Christopher Richard, and James McKenna. Pediatrics 100 (2): 841-849. 1997.
  • Maternal distance and CO2 Ecosystem During Bedsharing and Possible effects for SIDS analysis, by S. Mosko, C. Richard, J. McKenna, S. Drummond and D. Mukai. United states log of bodily Anthropology 103:315-328, 1997.
  • Frustrating matters:Cosleeping (Bedsharing) Among Infants and young children, by James J. McKenna. Developmental and behavior Pediatrics, 18(6): 408-413. 1997.
  • The Potential Benefits of Infant-Parent Co-Sleeping about SIDS Prevention, by James J. McKenna. In: SIDS in the 90s. Torliey O. Rognum, Ed. Scandinavian Click, 1995.
  • Experimental Studies of Infant-Parent Co-Sleeping: shared Physiological and behavior Influences in addition to their Relevance to SIDS, by J. McKenna, S. Mosko, C. Richard et al. Very Early People Development 38:182-201. 1994.

  • Rest Arousal, Synchrony and Independence among Mothers and Infants Sleeping Aside and along (exact same sleep): an Experiment in Evolutionary medication, by James J. McKenna and Sarah Mosko. Acta Pediatric, Global Journal of Pediatrics, Product 390. 1994.
  • Advancement and toddler Sleep: An Experimental Study of Infant-Parent Cosleeping and its particular ramifications for SIDS. Acta Pediatrica: a major international Journal of Pediatrics, Vol. 2 health supplement 389. 1993.
  • Parent-Infant Cosleeping: the correct perspective for your Study of toddler rest and ramifications for SIDS data, by Sarah Mosko and James McKenna et al. Record of behavior Medicine 16(6): 589-610. 1993.
  • “Cosleeping” entry when you look at the Encyclopedia of Sleep and Dreaming, by James J. McKenna. Encyclopedia of rest and Dreaming, ed. Mary A. Carskadon. New York: MacMillan Publishing Co, 1993.
  • Infant-Parent Co-sleeping in an Evolutionary Perspective: Imperatives for recognizing Toddler Sleep Development and SIDS, by James J. McKenna et al. Sleep 16(3): 263-282, 1993.
  • Sleep and Arousal habits of Cosleeping peoples Mother-Infant Pairs: A Preliminary physiologic learn with effects for all the research of SIDS, by James J. McKenna, Sarah Mosko, Claibourne Dungy and Jan McAninch. American Journal of Bodily Anthropology, 83:331-347. 1990.
  • Evolution in addition to Sudden baby dying problem (SIDS) Part II: precisely why peoples babies? by James J. McKenna and Sarah Mosko. Human Nature 1 (2). 1990.
  • Development together with Sudden baby Death problem (SIDS), role III: Parent-Infant Co-sleeping and baby stimulation, by James J. McKenna and Sarah Mosko. Human Nature: 1(2). 1990.
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