How Moms Use The Legend Of La Llorona To Maintain Their Young Ones In Line

How Moms Use The Legend Of La Llorona To Maintain Their Young Ones In Line

“The crying girl” mourns the increasing loss of the lady appreciate and her young ones, and haunts family exactly who stray past an acceptable limit at home.

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Los angeles Llorona – the crying girl – try a Mexican legend that’s at the least 500 yrs . old. It surely arrived in Texas using the original North american country settlers. And Los Angeles Llorona have haunted our canals, lakes and avenues ever since, particularly in the line areas. You will find a lot of versions. Is one.

Los angeles Llorona got an undesirable lady in a small town. She was extremely beautiful with raven-black tresses and enormous almond vision. Eventually whenever she is getting drinking water from the city well, a handsome people on a fine pony rode up-and asked the girl for a glass or two. She got not witnessed these an amazing people or felt so remarkably stressed when you look at the existence of 1 before. The guy noticed in the same way about their. They dropped crazy immediately. He couldn’t marry this lady, though, because she ended up being an unhealthy town woman and then he got from a the wealthiest, most noticeable household in the area. But the guy cannot stay without the girl thus he purchased this lady a big homes and showered the lady with jewelry and presents and offered her two little ones. He found head to typically and adored using kids. It wasn’t perfect, but she is delighted because she liked him such.

After a few years, a period came when he decided not to see after all. She got focused on your and performed anything she had never ever completed. She went to the top urban area to go to his mansion observe the thing that was incorrect. Whenever she showed up she gently expected a servant if he was around and she mentioned, “Oh, no, now he could be engaged and getting married to a famous princess from The country of spain.”

La Llorona was so resentful that she wished to do something to harm him.

Because envious anger, she gone straight room and took their particular two girls and boys on the river and sunken them. When she restored the woman sanity, she was actually plunged into these despair over exactly what she had done that she passed away of grief right there in the lake bank. As she attempted to enter the afterlife, an angel questioned the woman where the woman little ones had been. She stated she didn’t discover. She had been told she must find them before she could sleep. So she was pushed back into environment and ruined to walk streams and ponds and avenues trying to find the girl young ones forever.

Should you decide head out near water through the night you are going to occasionally notice her weeping, “ Mis hijos, mis hijos .” My personal kids. People say if she looks near she is actually far, but if she looks miles away, this woman is extremely towards you. Those who’ve observed the lady say that she wears a moldy shroud and has jet black locks, but no nostrils with no lips, just luminous violet sight which are horrifyingly red-streaked from the woman endless crying. If you see her thrashing across the center of a creek or river, don’t enter to attempt to save your self her because she’ll block your.

It’s also advisable to never ever allowed your kids remain completely late near a lake or creek or lake – and even a backyard pool, because La Llorona might think they’ve been the lady youngsters and steal them from you forever.

So La Llorona try a legend, a preventive story and also the boogie people – coo-cooey – all-in-one. Hispanic mothers specifically have used the woman to enforce good actions for years and years.

“Come inside today or Los Angeles Llorona will bring you.” “You appear direct homes from David’s quarters. do not stroll. Los Angeles Llorona is always shopping for destroyed girls and boys.” And some actually declare that La Llorona produces young ones appreciate their moms. She’s appeared to young ones who’ve remaining their homes angrily, stating poor items to their particular moms as they’ve remaining. La Llorona discovers all of them strolling in the dark and says, “I’ll allow you to go now, but go back to your mummy and become best that you this lady.”

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