Regional female feel comfortable talking to and engaging with ladies travellers.

Regional female feel comfortable talking to and engaging with ladies travellers.

Before relationships, most Moroccan guys don’t have a lot of chance to meet and get to discover lady outside their loved ones – an important good reason why overseas tourist see much focus. Repeated undesirable appearance and remarks will come as some thing of shock to novice travelers plus the continual focus can be extremely sporting.

Some people elect to overlook the headache, and it’s worth bearing in mind that low-level harassment hardly ever goes further.


Clothing which cover their shoulders and knee joints include culturally appropriate for Morocco; avoid low-cut tops completely. Bikinis become okay on private beaches. Gamble points by ear in resorts swimming pools – most are okay, at people it’ll bring in unwanted attention.

Sunbathing topless from the seashore is not appropriate in Morocco.

Havens & Downfalls

In the event the headache will get excessive, seek out the ever-increasing few spots used to getting the businesses of solitary Moroccan women.

The upper floor of a salon de the (teahouse), a cafe or restaurant or a lodge patio may great bets.

Hammams are great male-free zones for an enjoyable reprieve.

Resorts and community swimming pools frequently bring in sets of people, if they feel swim or consuming at a poolside pub.

Remember that some spending plan hotels double as brothels; any inexpensive hotel above a favorite locals’ pub try a likely competitor.

If you prefer an alcoholic beverage, drop by a sizable lodge in the place of braving a pub, since these are usually male-dominated establishments. Local women who constant watering gaps (also the posher types) are generally prostitutes.

Male Going Friends

Girls travelling with male friends were less inclined to experience the majority of the effort that solo ladies undoubtedly encounter.

It could be easier to claim to be a wedded partners rather than just friends (the second escort sites Joliet idea is usually met with disbelief).

If you should be a Moroccan woman (or Moroccan in appearance) traveling with your non-Moroccan partner, it is advisable to bring a copy of your own relationships certificate. Premarital gender for Muslims is actually prohibited, and Morocco keeps a stern mindset to intercourse work.

For similar factor, in case the lover is assumed becoming Muslim, you’ll meet with some uncomfortable issues at resorts reception tables. This really is less of a problem in large towns.


Try to remain alongside a woman on public transport, especially in grands taxis where you’re squeezed around directly, and on trains, enabling you to possibly become captured inside a storage space.

Most females travel in grands taxis without issues, regardless of where they stay, however could purchase two chairs attain a journey all on your own right in front. It would be somewhat more comfy.

Hitchhiking is not suggested.

Security Precautions

Escape wandering about by yourself through the night; get a cab. Escape taking walks alone in remote places for example remote beaches, forests and mud dunes.

Dressed in dark specs is good for avoiding eye contact, but don’t invest your whole trip concealing to their rear.

A simple non merci or la shukran (‘no thank-you’) is far more effective than responding with hostility (that may getting came back in sort).

One of the keys principle is ‘respect’, something more Moroccans keep dear. Hashouma! (‘shame!’) may also be used to embarrass potential harassers.

A marriage band may help you abstain from undesirable focus – along with a photo of the ‘husband’ and ‘child’. That you are travelling with out them will arouse uncertainty, nevertheless could counteract this by claiming you’ll be encounter them at the next location.

Get extra care at musical festivals (and various other large events) as problems have been made of actual harassment.


Tampons are challenging get in Morocco. Carrefour could be the just dependable grocery store to stock them, and also subsequently offers limited choice. You will need to take along a plastic case for getting rid of tampons and shields.

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