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Average Australian Annual Residential water consumption for selected cities –last year.

band report

The bar chart shows the average Australian water consumption in selected cities for the last year, while the pie chart shows how water was used in Australia for the last years.

It can clearly be seen that water supply affected most of the key parts of Australian life and industry, however, the most severely affected sector in a shortage would be agriculture.

The highest water consumer was the city of Perth with 300 kiloliters per property as an annual average. It was followed by Brisbane and Adelaide, where properties used 250 and about 240 kiloliters a year on average. In Sydney, households consumed 200 kiloliters of water annually, and the smallest yearly average consumption was recorded in Melbourne and Canberra, about 150 and 140 kiloliters per property respectively.

Among industries, the largest water user in Australia last year was agriculture, which took up over two-thirds of usage at 67% the next largest usage was by households 9%, water supply sewage, and drainage 7% and water used for electricity and gas supply also 7% the rest was used by manufacturing 4%, other industries 4% and mining 2%.

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