Your Mind is a semi God -70% positive thinkings gives you power

Your Mind is a semi God

Why your mind is semi-God? Have you ever been observed the falling leaf? Yes, you would be, however, you took that as though, lifeless. Do you discover incessantly those leaf’s life has an impact upon human struggle? perhaps not, sometimes people make joyful moments by bruising those leaves beneath their feet, they have no idea one day we will also become an archetype like them, as they do, even the God same does with us, he does not care us as we don’t care the plants, he also does enjoy by grinding us, he never comes to stop a war, burning child, repining the innocents, these incident going as the same as million or trillion years ago. However, your mind can make a peace when a leaf is about to fall it gives us a message that no one is there for helping you instead of your positive thinking of mind, your mind has the power to change everything our mind is acting like a group there are two types of mind (common person mind and future maker or free mind ) and the second one has the ability to give a signal through mind ray.

Here is an image which shows you how the brain affects your positive abilities

your mind is a semi god

Here is an image which shows you how the brain affects your positive abilities, World is changing fast. Changes are occurring. New thoughts, ideas, and studies have been introduced. Old concepts are dying! Life can’t stay still. People who don’t change wither away with seasons. Nothing is permanent or stays for good.

Don’t become past

Don’t become past, stay in the present moment and be the future. Just stay still and ponder 🤔 for a moment. Use your brain and be realistic. Past cannot become present and present will go into future. There is so much knowledge spread over the internet. Don’t get yourself glued to one immature idea. Do the research and find out how thoughts become ideas and ideas have taken a concrete form of facts that are real. Get out of your hibernating mode and embrace reality and facts!

Why you people are waiting for a miracle?

why you people are waiting for a miracle? Miracle words are just a theory, it only can be happened in dreams, on the other hand, we can say, yes miracle happens, when we went to sleep and woke up, from the wondering world. You, people, are thinking there is a power who made you alive when you woke up, no my dear, your mind made you up, with the courage to live, even your younger age, youth age, and older age depends upon the mind, Positive thinking away from your age gap, happiness is the key of young age! Be a blunt person, hiding something means you are spoiling your ideas,  

Write something in your journal

Write who you are, what you are, why you are? Our life contains over these words, our motto is to find out the questionnaire’s query. 

who you are?

who you are means not your name, means where you stand in life. what are you doing how educated are you.

What you are?

what you are? mean your social status, how do you become famous in society, are you a powerful man or woman? at least more or fewer people know you.

Why you are?

Why you are? this is the main question in life, are you just exist just for worshipping of God? or are just come born just eating the food and doing the work? you people just eat, shit, and sleep, everyone should have a goal in life, minimum people come to know you after your death.

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