What is life? 19 main points will be led towards your goal

what is life

What is life? The theory, life demands, life askes for a change though you can learn how to get subsisted life and how to do survive. some points lead you towards your goal.

What is life?

what is the difference between two words” Subsisted and survive “? They have the same meaning but in other sense, they have plenty of definitions in itself these can be explained scarcely because without experiences we are not able to define the exact sense. According to my point of view, those who have fewer worries in life and have gifted abilities by nature they “subsisted” the life. And those who have struggled for their lives with grief and sorrows even hard to earn money for a single morsel they “survive “in life.

Hardy said, “nature cannot keep on remain happy of an individual”.    


Life demands

Subsisted life demands money, education, good health, wealth, desire partner, happy and healthy activities as well as mind broadness. As I said some have gifted, but some gain these through intelligence and strive hard, furthermore, 80% depends upon human minds as Gandhi said.

, “if you want to achieve something, you will have to keep calm your mind, and busy your feet”.


Life asks for changes

  • Survival is a destiny of humanity which takes birth with us, if you want to be alive, the struggle is your key of getting the happiness, but without changing your mental abilities you cannot get the key. It is hard to guess even that 1% of people spend their life without tension, no way, no chance, 30% tension stuck with human being either they are rich and got everything in life. Don’t include love related tension in life because these type of worries called infatuation for a specific period of life. To some extent it can be said that earn money is demanding norms without earning we cannot survive, to overwhelming this fact, I observe that most of the people have shattered their proficiency just because of earning, if you don’t have this burden according to me each individual has abilities to prove himself and every human being has a natural aptitude, but needs demands and take those skill from them. Following are the main points of getting the subsisted life.

Ways of change your thinking

  1. Be a social
  2. Educated
  3. Attractive
  4. Bright Thinking
  5. Good sleep
  6. Loving and caring
  7. Keep calm in any situation
  8. Just think what do you want to do in life
  9. Just concentrate over your goal
  10. If you haven’t money for achieving your goal, do humble work even you don’t like that.
  11. In the modern age, you can achieve everything in life just need attention
  12. Don’t relate your feeling with someone because it takes you far away from your goal
  13. Read the books and newspaper
  14.  Talk to yourself about how to achieve your goal to make a plane and think about how to target the people
  15. Be polite in your conversation
  16. Don’t believe anyone, just believe in yourself
  17. Be confident
  18. Loyal with everyone
  19. Don’t lie, truth and loyalty are two wings that will be taken you on the top of the edge.

 Experience taught, A little bit flirt is necessary in any way because you want to survive, people attract towards glittering, without flirty feeling you cannot win the heart of society, for example just observe joyful people. But don’t take it as for partner, take it as a subject. If you would study the most famous people they got success after 45 of age, if you want to do government job then it’s necessary to achieve in young age like 25 or 30, but what effects would be occurred, in your last session you would become a person who survives on medicine and got fed up from daily routine.  

what is confidence 

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