Expand your Essay writing skill within 15 days, with 3 golden rules CSS, PCS, ELTS, GRADUATION

 Expand your Essay writing skill within 15 days, CSS, PCS, IELTS, GRADUATION- I will teach you how to prepare a structure of an essay, how to write controlling paragraphs, how to understand the topic, how to write the best essay along with 3 golden rules.

Expand Essay writing skill within 15 days

For expanding an Essay writing skill Don’t waste your time to finding out the websites and coaching centre, no doubt institution is necessary for learning, but join that one which guides you as a competitor not as a student.

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 in this section I shall not tell about how to expand an essay writing, how to explain each part and has importance, those who have indulged in preparing norms they know about it very well, so let’s start with the direction.

Topic sentence of Essay writing skill

Essay writing skill

 A topic sentence tells the reader the main idea or thoughts that the writer trying to express, it is one sentence summary of the entire paragraph, each sentence that follows help to develop the idea presented in the topic sentence.

The organization of the paragraph is based on the topic sentence

Element of a topic sentence

The two main elements of a topic sentence are

  • The main subject
  • A controlling idea

The main subject

A topic sentence contains the main subject of the paragraph and the controlling idea of the controlling idea. The controlling idea steers the main topic in the direction that the writer wants to take it to study the following examples

Topic sentence1computer can be used in many different situations.

                                Main subject                                 controlling idea

In a topic sentence, the computer is the main subject and different situations is a controlling sentence. From this sentence, we know that the paragraph is going to discuss something about the computer ( main subject) . specifically, it will explain how people use a computer in different situations.

Topic sentence 2: computer have changed enormously in the past 20 years.

                                  Main subject                controlling idea

From this topic sentence2: we know that the paragraph is going to explain how the computer has changed in overtime. The computer is the main subject and changed in the past 20 years is the controlling idea.

Topic sentence 3: different computer can appeal to different people.

                                     Main subject         controlling idea

In this sentence: the information is a simple fact. There is not a good controlling idea that a writer can discuss in a paragraph. This is not a good topic sentence because it does not indicate that is anything more to say about the topic.

For more topic understanding

expand your writing skill

Which one is better or correct sentence topic for Essay writing skill

  • Bilingual dictionary can help non- native learners in two very important ways.
  • In a bilingual dictionary, the information the information is presented in two different languages.
  • Smart phone has a number of useful features.
  • Smart phone use touch screen technology.
  • Fossils are the main of plants or animals that died a long time ago.
  • There are numbers of technique that scientist use to discover the age of a fossil.

How to use the sentence in a paragraph in essay writing skill?

For example: if someone asks about “have you ever had a flat tire on your car?”

What did you do? This is your essay topic let me discuss how to explain in paragraph.

  • There are many steps of changing a tire of a car before you get started make sure that you have following items: a jack, a lug nut wrench and a spare tire. First, use the jack to elevate the car from the ground, this may require some strength because cars are very heavy. Using the nut lung wrench remove all of the lug nuts from the wheel. This will probably be the most difficult step because some of the lug nuts may be stuck. After you have taken off the lug nuts remove the flat tire and replace it with your spare tire. Screw the lug nuts back onto the wheel and make sure that they are tightly fastened. Finally, lower the car back down to the ground. Check one last time to make sure that the nuts are as tight as possible. Following these steps will have you back on the road in no time.

Next to the statement: what would be the topic you suggest, that tells the purpose of the paragraph.

  • The importance of a tire on a car?
  • How to change the oil in a car?
  • Why it is important to carry a spare tire?
  • How to change a flat tire?
  • According to this paragraph, how many steps are there in changing a car?

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