What is confidence?

What is confidence? Is it calls knowledge or status? Education? Value of being rich and proud? NO! confidence takes birth when you put your one step on surface in your childhood, the first step trembling you for a while but soon you can get overcome and start walking, as you have faith over earth that it wouldn’t plunge you, the moment you are ready to build your confidence, and in yours learning age the occurrence has impact over your personality these factors become the reason of vanishing the someone’s ability sometime time situation needs demand of being stable and assemble your inner strength by believing that you are one of them who can move, walk and have mind as like you.

In this glob if ocean can collide with the skerry although they are azoic but they demonstrate us that they have value in this planet, and also show us if they want they can shatter the Mediterranean, so human being can do anything nothing impossible for them because human has mind, if he can save him from weather condition or all type of situations then he can restore his enthusiasm.

 Once I heard in season “The 100” hesitation is death! It proves when you cannot do anything just because of your reluctance you forfeited your value before everyone, just think, if he can, why can I not?  Christopher Marlowe said, “Hell and heaven situated in our own mind”. Through confidence you can choose your either way.

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