The tragedy of Doctor Faustus has influenced the tragedy of Nawaz Sharif

Graduation degree is necessary for our parliamentary system but we do not know they have doctrine degree of treachery and Lucifer their teacher who compel them to act according to his aspire for achieving their goal our doctor’s politician get the degree of black art or magic “Doctor Faustus” written by Christopher Marlow I read this book in 2007 to some extend can be said, this ancient book has been written for political norms, the tragedy of Faustus has influence tragedy of Nawaz Sharif all the politicians are Doctor Faustus and to whom they are acting for, those called “Lucifer” what a legend this book when Faustus decides to enter in astrology and fed up from doctrine of medicine and philosophy, as Nawaz Sharif suffered financial losses when his family’s steel business was appropriated under the nationalization policies of former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Sharif entered politics as a result and initially focused on regaining control of the steel plants. Faustus calls his German friends for counselling about black magic, Nawaz Sharif joins Ghulam Jilani khan (military governor of Punjab 1980, former director-general of ISI) he promoted sharif making him finance minister. Faustus draws a circle of black art and brings Mephistophilis with black art, Sharif invested in Saudi Arabia and other oil-rich Arab countries to rebuild his steel empire.

Mephistophilis. I am a servant to great Lucifer,

And may not follow thee without his leave:

No more than he commands must we perform.

Faustus. So Faustus hath

Already done:and hold this principle,

There is no chief but only belzebub;

To whom Faustus doth dedicate himself,

This word “damnation” terrifies not him,

But, leaving these vain trifles of men’s souls,

Tell me what is that Lucifer, thy Lord?

Mephistopilis. Arch-regent and commander of all spirits.

Faustus. Go bear these tidings to great Lucifer:

Seeing Faustus hath incur’d eternal death.

 Sharif gain influence as support of General M. Zai-ul-haq military government. Sharif, who convinced the general to denationalize and deregulate industries to improve the economy. With the backing of the army, Sharif secured a landslide victory in the 1985 elections. Every politician takes an oath for five years as Faustus sold his soul for 25 years, the difference between both pledges is that Faustus did select according to his own volition, but political leader spread their black spell upon public and get their votes by playing magic of fuss. I want to write more about the cross life of Nawaz Sharif but I am not writing a book so I am going to complete my verge with correlating the tragedy of Faustus, he exercises his glorious life for 25 years and enjoyed the power, lust, pride, desires, but our doctor politicians devote their self for 5 years but they are bound to follow the rules of Lucifer this contract is like husband and wife contract marriage if one of them breaks the rules they have to go back in home in this political situation mostly husband wins and he changes his wife.

Marriage is but a ceremonial toy,

If thou lovest me, think no more of it,

Nawaz Sharif took verdict against Lucifer and brock the contract eventually he has to encounter with danger and reluctant circumstances, the end of Faustus as horrible as the end of Nawaz sharif(probably).

What art thou,Faustus, but a men condemn’d to die?

Thy fatal time doth draw to final end;

Despair doth drive distrust into my thoughts:

Confound these passion with a quiet sleep:

Thus, Christ did call the thief upon the cross:

Then rest thee, Faustus , quite in conceit.(sleep in his chair)

Now Lucifer’s new puppet doctor is playing very well and he is not aware yet about his fatal destiny and Lucifer still giving education to his new doctor. But So for let’s see what would be the doom of his contractual wife…..

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